Coffee that’s low in calories and delicious?

I had seen beanies coffee all over social media and on other foodies blogs, a coffee that promises two calories in a cup and something delicious! Is this the coffee I can have after a meal and then not want to eat an entire cheesecake? When you first open the different flavours of coffee the aroma the coffee gives is delicious. The scent of deep coffee mixed with sweet and spices promises you an indulgent cup of coffee.

I started with my personal festive favourite, something I indulged in regularly over Christmas when I was back in the U.K, ginger bread coffee. Here in Portugal my nearest Starbucks is three hours away. I’m also yet to find a barista in town that serves flavours you can add to coffee therefore I was ecstatic to give it a try. Unfortunetly it tasted just like bad coffee, I did add milk and also tried it without success. I think I’ll be waiting until Christmas for my next hit of gingerbread delight. It was on to vanilla next, I’m big fan of vanilla although I can find it sickly in a coffee. This flavour however was fantastic, it gave a subtle hint of vanilla and a good coffee taste.
Next up was cinder toffee, one sip and I was brought back to bonfire night. My Boyfriend also tried the cinder toffee, he doesn’t take sugar in his coffee and he found it too sweet. I would say, if you don’t like sweet coffee I wouldn’t recommend any of these. I only put a sugar in my coffee now and then and do find these slightly sickly, but a cinder toffee treat on a night is something that I can enjoy.
I could eat cookie dough raw all day every day, so I started my Thursday morning with this delightful brew. The flavour of the cookie dough is subtle, but lingers on your taste buds after every sip. I think it would be my go to cuppa if I was craving something sweet. A better option than eating a whole tub of cookie dough ice cream, definitely. When you weigh up the calories, you could accompany it with two cookies, I think yes!

With the double chocolate coffee you can have you’re cake and drink it too. Personally I’m not a big coffee chocolate fan, I would rather have a hot chocolate instead; however, I could see the appeal of this coffee if you enjoyed the flavour of coffee and chocolate together though !

Last up was the cinnamon hazelnut, festive cheer in a cup. If you’re like me who’s has cinnamon sprinkled on everything all year round then this is a brew for you. It really does taste as good as it sounds, I enjoyed this coffee both with and without milk.

Over all, I wouldn’t buy all of these flavours again and for the price Of £2.50 each, I would re buy my favourites!

I’m glad I was given the opportunity to try them all for free by my boss. I would choose to always have the cookie dough and cinnamon option in my cupboard. I do also feel in comparison to barista prices you would pay out for the same coffee, it’s certainly a good money saving option. When you weigh up the calories in Starbucks latte to one of these you really are picking the better option with a beanies.


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