EASY fish cakes and carrot chips 🍟

Tuna fish cakes with carrot chips

This low calorie yet filling tea is delicious and you can make it fresh or in advance and freeze

Prep 30 minutes
Cooking 30 -35 minutes

For the fish cakes choose tuna in water, drain and mix with garlic and spring onions, season with a little soy. Peel and boil 4 medium potatoes, mash with a little butter and add a beaten egg, mix the mash and fish together. Using a tbsp of the mixture make a all with your hands and roll in flour, press down to make the cake shape.

The fish cakes can be frozen or refrigerated until you are ready to serve them, for the carrot chips you need one carrot per person. Wash and chop, then boil for 10 minutes and allow to cool. Toss in a little oil and add salt and pepper to the carrots.

Pre heat your oven at 180c and add the chips to the middle shelf on a baking tray for 30- 40 minutes. Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan and add the cakes clockwise around the pan, so you know the order to turn them first. Fry lightly on each side and add to the oven on the top shelf, remove when the carrot chips are done.

Instead of a sea food sauce i used low fat yogurt and a little bit of ketchup as I’m trying to cut out mayo, even though I really really love it.

This feeds two and costs just €0.10 for two carrots €0.50 for the potatoes and €0.86 for the tuna. A filling dinner for two with the overall price of €1.46 much cheaper then pre bought fish cakes !


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