Ham egg n chips 🍳

Ham egg n chips with homemade slaw
Syn free for weight watchers fans (minus coleslaw) contains 1 tbsp of mayo for 100g
Only 400 calories per serving, making this a really light tea !


Prep time 20 min

cook time 30-40 min

I bought lean ham, only 45 cal per 100g. For the chips cut potatoes in to wedges and par boil, I used two potatoes for two people. Allow the potatoes to dry then cover with a little oil (1tsp) and salt. Cook the chips in the oven for 30-40 minutes at 210c shaking often.

Once the chips are done remove from the oven and start the egg, I put boiling water in to a shallow frying pan and bring to the boil, crack one egg then another and allow to poach, this gives a fried look to the egg. This can take up to five minutes, always check eggs are not over done. Place all the ingredients on the plate, thicker ham can be used in this dish.

The coleslaw is optional, I use half a carrot finely grated with half a chopped cabbage and half an onion . This makes around six servings of coleslaw, inout 1tbsp of mayo in, mustard and 1tsp of natural yogurt and mix.

This is a low cal tea that’s filling and easy to make ! It also costs about Β£0.90 per portion !


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