Hey food, let’s be friends

So since the first day of February I have been eating healthier and exercising 3-4 times a week, all in the hopes of reaching 1st of weight loss by my 25th birthday in may. Sounds easy right ? I’m 5’7 and I currently weigh around 11st 3lbs, this has been my weight since I was about 17. Dropping down to 10 1/2 st once in a blue moon, I reached a whopping 13st at the end of an unhappy relationship a few years ago. This weight I was able to shift in about 3 months, thanks to exercise and being a happier person !

Last weekend we had family over to visit us and I let myself enjoy food and wine without the calorie counting, before I started my diet I really wasn’t an unhealthy eater but I did really like to go out and and drink socially.

Last weekend was full of fantastic steak, tapas that was to die for and Portuguese red wine. Which in my opinion could be the best red wine in the world, I hop on to the scales after the weekend and I’m 11st 5lbs ahhhhhhhhhh. Then comes the regret of that delicious cheesecake and yes I’ll have another glass of wine. Why oh why did i do it ?!

Really Bronte ? Is this a healthy way to approach a healthy diet ?

Since the age of 14 I have had an unhealthy relationship with being healthy, I obsessed over it. How many calories I’ve had for the day, how many I’ll have tomorrow. Meal prepping my food, planning a week in advance my food shopping. This weekend for me showed that I can enjoy food and not tally up everything I am consuming.

Unfortunately for me, puberty like for most people meant gaining weight and my dad was terrible at approaching the subject, he would always comment on me going in the fridge. Once saying he should put a lock on it. By 15 and being a healthy size 10 I was on a diet and unhappy with my figure, I have huge boobs size 34 f this makes me feel bigger then I am. I saw them as a fat curse, instead of buying a size 10 I had to get a 16 because of my bust. This I think had the impact of also making me feel bigger, by 16 I was refusing to come out of a swimming cubicle and crying in centre parks because I truly hated the way my body looked.

Thankfully now I can appreciate my bust, I still struggle with sizing and some days I still hate them. Thankfully growing up has taught me to accept myself, my boyfriend also helps massively always making me feel beautiful. My relationship with food currently is good , I eat healthier and I exercise. I may not be getting the weight loss results I want straight away but I am healthy, this should be the result I truly want . I use a calorie counting app, which is helpful but I need to stop obsessing over it. You can’t just be a healthy eater you also need to create a healthy relationship mentally with food.

I jumped on the scales yesterday and I’m 11st 2lbs, the little chub I gained from wine over that weekend fell off. It’s okay to have that cheesecake, it’s okay not to feel guilty over food. I’m so happy with the way my relationship is becoming with food, also my own health ! I’m happier and healthier than ever and that’s what really matter ⭐️✨


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