Chocolate and apple pie for breakfast 🍎 🍫

The thing I love about breakfast is it can be anything, sweet, savoury and the ingredients you can use is limitless.

Breakfasts truly is my favourite meal !

This is something I made up this dreary morning.

Take 50g of plain oats and add 100ml of skimmed milk and 100ml of water. Spoon in 2tsp of healthy living Tesco hot chocolate. Stir in 1/4 of chopped apple and cook until the oats are soft .

Place the other 1/4 of the apple in slices to a small pan. Add cinnamon and a pinch of sweetener to the apples. Place on a low heat and add a splash of water. Allow the apples to cook until soft but still with a little bite.

sprinkle  ab little cinnamon and coco powder for little extra breakfasts magic

Enjoy ✨😍








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