Waste not want not


I am a huge fan of using everything I buy. If it’s a chicken, I’ll use everything down to stock for the bones.  I re seal my bags so nothing goes stale, I absolutely hate wasting food !

Probably comes from my mam opening packets half way down and letting things go stale, so many lost biscuits to the bin !
So these yummy breakfast bars are a great way to use left over cereal scraps, that you might have thrown away ✨ also it includes chocolate, who doesn’t love chocolate for breakfast ?

All you need is a medium bar of chocolate (12 squares) and 100g of natural low fat yogurt and the small cereal bits at the bottom of the bag.

Melt the 10 cubes of the chocolate in a bowl. Add the natural yogurt and stir together. Mix in the cereal. In a loaf tin add baking paper. Pour in the cereal mixture. Set in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight. Melt the remaining cubes of chocolate. Pour over the bars and slice.

So easy and with the chocolate only costing €0.69 and the yogurt I buy in bulk, this cost me less then buying breakfast bars ! This is a great for when you get chocolate cravings and you can add absolutely anything to them, from dried fruit to seeds, peanut butter…………. the list goes on !


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